Welcome to Live My Health! This space is dedicated to empowering you to take control of your health. Living an authentic life that resonates balance and wellness is within your grasp! Here you'll find the resources, information and support you need on your journey to better health.

What We Value


We recognize that choices are not made in vacuums but are influenced by our environment and the people within it. Surrounding yourself with people and resources who value the health you seek is important. We’re here to help you create those sustainable changes and the motivation to keep moving forward. 



We are passionate about providing you with accessible, relevant resources that can be applied to everyday life. From the inside out, we do our best to cover the many aspects that contribute to a holistically healthy life. Check out our courses and other resources. 



We believe that everyone has the ability to be their own best advocate and live the health that truly aligns with their well being. An equipped mind leads to truly empowered action for yourself, family, and wider community.


Our Founder

Dr. Lauren Michelle started Live My Health out of the desire to share her growing knowledge with her community. Her goal continues to be providing education on balance and holistic wellness.

Personal Wellness Transformation

Learn how to Live Easily Aligned to Your Healthiest Self.

Brilliant | Worthy | Well

College Women of Color Wellness Program.

Working with Lauren Michelle has been nothing short of magical. She is such an intuitive being and when working with her she empowered me to tap into my own intuition in a way I never have before. 


From clearing my battles with self doubt and inner conflict to helping me almost instantly clear up a health issue I had been suffering from, I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Lauren.


If you’re feeling pulled to her work, don’t even hesitate! Do yourself the favor and say “YES”- you will not regret it.


-Tonya Yve 

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