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Dedicated to creating safe spaces for today's college women of color to explore wellness in community.

Brilliant Worthy Well was created with self-identifying college women of color in mind and the need to talk about wellness from a holistic perspective. We offer relevant lifestyle tips and well practices to support the purpose, dreams, and aspirations of each participant. Creating a sense of balance- body, mind, emotions, energies-allows for us to live a fulfilling, productive life unburdened by chronic conditions and ill health.


This program is groundbreaking and unique because the students help create the curriculum and actively work in building their community. We also share perspectives encompassing several wellness fields from naturopathic medicine, western medicine, eastern medicine, mental health, . mindfulness, energetic medicine and more!

Health disparities, distrust of the health system, marginalization of care, and other inequities still exist within wellness which make spaces like this one so important. This is especially true during the years that we cement behaviors, develop ideas, and continuously mold our perspective of the world for better and worse. The time to support, embrace, and assist our college women of color is now!

Next Steps


We are in Phase II of our Pilot with Spring Semester 2021!

We are excited to announce our continued partnership with students at Johns Hopkins University! Starting February 2021, we will be piloting the second half of this amazing program after the positive feedback and success with semester I. Our goal this semester is to expand our collaboration and reach with more student involvement and financial investors contributing to this powerful endeavor.

If you are a student interested in participating or having your university on board with this program, contact us below. 

Our goal is to have Brilliant Worthy Well made available to every self-identifying women of color in college here in the United States!! 

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