Brilliant | Worthy | Well

Dedicated to creating safe spaces for today's college women of color to explore wellness in community.


Be motivated to go after what you want every day as an empowered woman focused on making an impact because you know you Already have everything that you need within. 


Success is inevitable!




I'm so glad that you've stopped by to learn more about this amazing program. 

Brilliant | Worthy | Well was created with you in mind.

I remember the challenges of being a college student:

the pressure, of finding your space, figuring out next steps, meeting deadlines, gathering experiences, getting involved and most importantly figuring out who the heck you are!

It can seem like a lot to take in. 

At times it can get lonely.

You can feel overwhelmed.

There are down days, sensations of anxiety, little to no sleep, late night coffee runs and eating habits that don't always align with the wellness you want. 

It's completely ok,

You are doing Amazing and nothing is broken, including you, I promise!

This is such an incredible time of transformation. Getting caught up in the stress and overwhelm disallows us from seeing the bigger picture and ultimate vision, which you can live now.

The goal is not to just get through, but to learn so much about how amazing, resilient, and powerful you really are. 

This program was built to remind you of all the true things about you and why living these truths are so important to you getting what you want.


By BEing a Successful, Impactful human who Embraces everything You Are and who meets every opportunity with Confidence. 

You're NOT an imposter, You Are More than Enough.

In fact, You are

Brilliant | Worthy | Well

Come learn amazing tools that will allow you to align with your life purpose so Motivation and Self-Affirmation radiate from an inner core of Knowing Who You Are, from class, to exams, to internships, and to wherever else your life path may lead. 

We start Fall 2021 Session this September!

We meet once per month Sept-Dec for fall Semester and then again in the Spring.

We have students participating in a number of different colleges and universities. 

We discuss mindfulness, self-care, mindset, and other personal development practices, tools, and states of being for Success.


This program is an offering by Dr. Lauren Hawkins, a self-identifying woman of color deeply passionate about wellness who teaches balance from a deeply holistic perspective. She is excited to bring you her experience from her studies in naturopathic medicine, NLP, Life and Success Coaching, energy medicine, and more. 


You can join us by applying below.

This program is currently Free to Students.

Applications close for the Fall on October 1st, 2021.


If you are interested in joining, and it is past this date, OR if you have any questions, please email me at

I look forward to welcoming you into our community of self-identifying women of color as we learn and grow together!