Personalized Medicine

Illness starts as an imbalance that overtime develops into wider physical symptoms. While the body has an innate ability to heal itself, it is our job to help and not hinder these processes.

Using various modalities such as nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling, physical medicine, constitutional homeopathy, and more, we work together to correct imbalances and address health concerns.

There are many conditions that benefit from naturopathic medical treatment.

Patients seeing Dr. Hawkins frequently present with fatigue, seasonal allergies, autoimmune conditions, mental health issues- anxiety and depression, digestive and nutritional issues, endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalances and women's health concerns. 

Becoming a Patient

Changing biochemistry, forming new habits, and creating new ways of thinking all take time. New patients can expect to work with Dr. Hawkins over the course of three months. Included in this time frame is a 90 minute initial evaluation and three 60 minute follow up evaluations to check progress and adjust treatment. Each patient receives an in-depth personalized treatment plan to address concerns and cultivate balance

At this time, naturopathic doctors within the state of Maryland are not able to participate as in-Network healthcare providers with insurance companies. As such, all services are the financial responsibility of the patient. There are various tiers of investment and payment options available. 

If you're ready to begin your journey into holistic health and wellness, please complete the New Patient Inquiry form below. 

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"Dr. Lauren Hawkins, is an amazing human being, don't let the prices scare you! Herself, her time, and her knowledge is worth the money. She is so warm, kind and patient. I couldn't have asked for a better Naturopathic Doctor! Honestly she goes above and beyond, she is reachable when I needed her outside of our appointment times during our journey together. Dr. Hawkins addressed so many areas of my life, and helped [with] what I came to her for. She taught me the power of my eating, and the power of a clear mind. She is truly amazing and I look forward [to] working with her in the future. " - Tyler MG.