Quarterly collectives are AMAZING spaces to Expand your Wellness Identity and explore the

“how-to’s” of various aspects of living aligned within a committed community led by holistic health expert, Dr. Lauren Hawkins.


Dr. Lauren is committed to offering various experiences that allow you to get in touch with your internal wisdom concerning wellness. She has seen the imbalance created by ignoring our inner voices, living inauthentically, and distrusting our personal needs. It is her mission and passion to cultivate healing spaces in community that allow you to truly heal mind, body, and spirit. With her background in naturopathic medicine and certifications in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and more, you are in excellent hands as you begin or continue your journey in embodying wellness.

Welcome to Deeply Rooted Personal Wellness


Below you will find the open groups for this quarter. 

Registration begins the month before the start of the quarter.

Each group will hold 6 people max, once full, you will be added to the waitlist.

Additional groups may be added on based on availability if previous groups are full. 


All groups are virtual.

Quarter 4 runs from the week of Oct 11-December.

All groups are 1 easy payment of $350. 


Find your community Below.


Enrollment for Q4 is Closed!

Quarterly Collectives

Introduction to Intuitive Eating

6 meetups of Biweekly Sessions 

Every other Tuesday at 5pm

Starting October 12th 

This group offers the opportunity to shift your relationship with food and cultivate a mindful awareness that allows you to take in and digest the nourishment you need physically, mentally and emotionally. You will learn the foundational aspects of creating your personal framework when it comes to eating without the guilt and shame that often comes with following external rules and restrictions. 

This group is perfect for you If…

  • You want to eat food in a way that reflects your internal needs 

  • You’re ready to ditch restrictions and eat with flow and ease

  • You’ve been looking for permission to do what feels expansive when you eat 

  • You’ve struggled in the past with consistency and sticking to a diet plan

  • You want to heal your relationship with food


If this Resonates, Then it's time to Join our Community!

Registration is Closed for this Quarter!

Aligned Wellness for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

6 meetups of Biweekly Sessions 

Thursdays at 1pm

Starting October 14th

Your challenges are unique, and not everyone may understand the difficulties of the day to day grind. It's so important that you have the energy and wellness to continue in your craft and support your endeavors from a space of being grounded, uplifted, and well. You will learn how to set your internal tone to match the success you want to see in your space. 

This group is for you if...

  • You want to draw strength from and share life with other passion led people

  • You’re ready to be the person who leads from a space of self-trust and success

  • You’ve been looking for permission to do what feels expansive with your career

  • You’ve struggled in the past with doubt and fear of failure

  • You want to create clear goals and have a support group to hold you accountable


If this resonates, then this group is perfect for you!

Registration is Closed for this Quarter!