Women's Wellness Program

We live in a world so external and disconnected with our internal bodies that we no longer hear the answers inside.

This broken connection manifests as chronic illness, lack of emotional boundaries, menstrual issues, fatigue, mental un-wellness, pain, and other undiagnosable issues that greatly impact our quality of life, wellbeing, and productivity. 

It's time to take steps to ensure your health won't interrupt your life's work. You've invested so much in your external life, it's time to invest in yourself internally. 



You are a Powerhouse of Potential and Productivity


As such, your health solutions have to match the same level of preparation and priority you apply to the external areas of your life when reaching your goals. Personalized health solutions involve getting your energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical body aligned and well.


Within this program, the focus is on helping you re-connect with your body and tap into your internal power. We uncover the truth about your health story and give you the tools to live a life focused and fulfilled in your purpose. 


We work on all levels to encourage deep intuitive alignment.


Physical body:

  • Personalized nutrition that works with your body's biochemistry

  • Immune system balancing in underactive or overactive states

  • Metabolic efficiency for optimal digestion 

  • Hormonal balance in every stage of life

Mental body:

  • Identify limiting beliefs that block wellness and productivity

  • Cultivate healthy patterns of thinking and behaviors that enforce health

  • Create realistic and sustainable goals

Energetic body:

  • Implement self-care practices to promote balance

  • Encourage shifts to correct imbalances and get through blocks

Spiritual body:

  • Encourage connectivity within your personal faith or belief system


An aligned and balanced body leads to a productive, successful life overflowing with opportunity and abundance.

The journey of healing begins with laying the foundation of healthy habits that are intuitive to you.

This truly priceless process is the ability to live a life so aligned to what your body speaks that you give it exactly what it needs to thrive at the level you expect.


Starting a new journey can be difficult and full of what-if's and doubts. I'm here to help you succeed every step of the way.


It's time to start your personal journey fully supported. Are you ready to feel connected, living a life of true authenticity?


"Overall, this program was extremely empowering. Dr. Lauren listened to me each step of the way and it felt like the program was tailored specifically to my needs. I began the process feeling completely imbalanced and drained spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Each of the exercises that I completed and the supplement that I began to use made me feel like myself all over again. I feel like I learned so much in such a short period of time. I came away feeling refreshed and empowered to continue improving myself. I am looking forward to continuing my growth using what I've learned, and I look forward to working with Dr. Lauren again in the future." -Tia H.